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The man behind the camera

This is My Story

I bring a fresh vision to headshot and model portfolio photography to the Central Virginia region.

When not traveling or working as an IT program management consultant, I provide photography services from my studio in Richmond Virginia and on locations.

Like many photographers, my early days in photography started back in high school during the late 1970’s when film ruled and digital was a dream. My first image published was of ice skating star Dorothy Hamill when Greenwich CT named their skating rink in her honor. With lots of photographers present for the big event, I took a chance and jumped onto the hood the convertible she was riding in and captured the image that set my photography career in motion.

I learned that I loved the excitement you get when connecting with someone through a photograph.
Before attending college at NYU, I took a year to attend the Germain School of Photography in NYC and then worked on model portfolio development images in New York City.

My talkative nature, easy-going personality and attention to detail are a wonderful combination that helps to bring out the best in my subjects.

For me, I love images that capture a moment… images that not only highlight the subject and fashion, but also elicit a response from the viewer. Nothing is more rewarding than watching the expressions of people viewing my work for the first time.

Now living in Richmond Virginia, I’m married to my best friend who is a commercial model, national fitness competitor and loving mother to our three children.

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