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A graduate of Peter Hurley’s “Headshot Intensive Program”, I have been personally trained by Peter and remain one of his Protege Photographers.

Competitive Pricing

Several packages and service offerings to meet your needs and budget.

Studio located in Short Pump (West End Richmond)

Photography studio located minutes from the Short Pump Town Center for easy access.

Specializing in Headshots

Shooting professional headshots that market your brand is a specialized skill. Much like you wouldn’t go to a general physician for heart surgery, you shouldn’t go to a general photographer for your branding. I’m not a general photographer – I’m a Headshot Photographer first and foremost!

I'm an extrovert!

Shooting headshots is “90% therapy and 10% photography”. What is meant by this is that there has to be a part of “you” in your headshot and it’s my job to get you relaxed and engaged. I shoot on tripod because I spend most of my time talking to you and looking right into your eyes… it’s much more personal than any other type of photoshoot. Because I like to talk and listen, you quickly forget that you’re being photographed which allows “you to be you” (while I help pose you of course)…

I do all my own post-production

I was there when your photo was taken – I know what you look like. I also know how I saw you during the shoot. Those are import elements that combine with my visual style to create your unique branding images. I love retouching images and don’t use plug-ins or “default” settings. Your retouch is customized to your look and you have input into what gets done during your photoshoot – how cool is that!

What to Expect….

Multiple Looks

We shoot different looks throughout a session so you’ll have a variety of shots to use for different purposes:

  • professional shots for corporate websites
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • actors’ headshots for portfolios
  • headshots for promotion and marketing purposes (speakers, blog writers, authors, etc.)

Pre-shoot planning

Prior to your session, we’ll meet (in person or by phone) to plan your shoot. This ensures that all your questions are answered and that we’re both fully prepared to exceed your expectations.

Bring lots of clothing!

If it’s not with you… we can’t shoot you wearing it!  I recommend that you dress to the level of formality that you would a meeting in your industry.  Actors should dress like you would for an audition. For corporate headshots, you should dress like you’re going to a client meeting. Bring a lot of tops, sweaters, jackets… stay with solid colors and away from prints and logos. Women should bring tops that cover their shoulders to avoid the “naked look”. If you’re a man and wanting a look with a tie… bring lots of ties to pick from.

Proofing starts during the session

We’ll be reviewing your images between looks to ensure that we’re both happy with the results. Your online gallery will allow you to see my favorites and to select yours.

Final images within 7 days

Your final images are ready for you within 7 days of your selection.

Professional printing available

Have your headshots printed by hand and delivered directly to your door from one of the the most prestigious printing firms in the country… all at a discount.

2 Look Headshots

4 images from 2 looks
  • 2 unique looks
  • 4 final retouched images
  • Single location (studio or location)
  • Approximately 1 hour photoshoot session
  • Post production finishing
  • Image review during/after the session
  • Online proofing gallery for additional selection viewing
  • Final electronic image delivery within 7 days of selection
  • Images provided in both high resolution (printable) and low resolution (web) format

8 Look Headshots

16 images from 8 looks
  • 6 unique looks
  • 12 final retouched images
  • 2 locations (studio and/or location)
  • Option to mix studio and lifestyle headshots for more diversity
  • Approximately 4 hour photoshoot session
  • Post production finishing
  • Image review during/after the session
  • Online proofing gallery for additional selection viewing
  • Final electronic image delivery within 7 days of selection
  • Images provided in both high resolution (printable) and low resolution (web) format

After each shoot, the untouched photos are hosted online within 48hrs for you to review and select for retouching.

PLEASE NOTE: Rates are subject to change and do not include travel expenses for shoots outside of the Richmond area.

A Makeup Artist (MUA) can be provided at an additional cost.  Please contact me for rates.

All deposits are non-refundable and can be made in the form of cash, check or PayPal. The remaining balance must be paid prior to or upon arrival to your photoshoot session.

Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Make-up Artist?

It is my recommendation that all women use a professional makeup artist (MUA). Doing your make-up for a headshot isn’t really the same thing as doing your typical make-up for work. I can refer you to one of our talented MUA’s who understand our lighting techniques and how the camera perceives color.

If you’d like to apply your own make-up, I recommend that you apply your base make-up at home and finish your look in our studio dressing room.

What color clothing should I bring to my photoshoot?

We’re selling you and not fashion, so solid colors are better than prints, stripes or checks however a small design may work. Muted tones are better than bold and bright colors (when in doubt, lean towards grays and blacks).  Also avoid shiny or sparkly clothing which would reflect light and draw attention away from your face.  Lastly, minimize any logos that might show. Small logos can be removed in post production if needed.

Should I wear jewlery?

Stud earrings work best and should be understated.  We want to minimize distractions that might move your viewer’s attention off your face.  Color should be muted and more neutral (ex. pearls, diamonds, gold, silver).  Hoop earrings and those that hang down should be avoided.  A small necklace is ok, however necklaces in general should be discrete and neutral if used at all.

Should I cover tattoos?

Obviously if you have facial tattoos, they should be shown as it’s unlikely that they could be hidden.  If tattoos are an integral part of your look and they are visible from neck up to the face, then it is at your discretion.  Typically very little body skin is shown in a headshot and so this is not typically an issue.  Tattoo removal is not included as part of any headshot package and is treated as a additional retouch.

Should I remove facial piercings?

Facial piercings and/or ear gauges should typically be removed unless they are a significant part of your look.  Typically you want to minimize accessories that may distract the viewer from your face.  Whether to include them or not is entirely your choice.

Should I bring a friend with me?

Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times.  Otherwise you’re welcome to bring anyone who may help you to relax.  I will be engaging with you directly during the session to elicit the appropriate expressions, so your attention will typically be on me and not your guest.  My only request is that guests should make it easier for your to relax and not introduce any stress.  I strongly discourage bringing children of any age as our time together is limited.

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